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Though there are a number of casino games played all across the world, very few can match the popularity of Roulette. Thanks to its simple nature of the gameplay and a lesser emphasis on skill factor, people all around the world prefer to play this particular game. In order to play online casinos, you are expected to know all the rules and regulations of the game. However, the majority of the population doesn’t know about the existence of the different variants of the roulette game. Here, in this article, you will know the basic difference between European, American, and French variants of Roulette. 

Here are the differences in roulette rules

The biggest advantage to play online Roulette has to be it’s simple and easy to understand rules. The primary difference between American and European Roulette is the number of zero pockets. There are as many as 36 numbers in the European roulette types, and only one zero pockets available on the wheels. On the other hand, the American variant has the same 36 numbers, but a couple of zero pockets. 

Let’s discuss the two rules that make the French variant of Roulette different from other roulette types.

La Partage Rule

Almost all French casinos practice La Partage. This rule is exclusive for even-money bets. According to this rule, if the ball landed on a zero pocket, you are going to get 50% of your bet. However, in other roulette variants, in such a scenario, you are going to lose your entire bet. 

En Prison Rule

Similar to La Partage rule, this particular rule is also exclusively applied for the even-money bets. Unlike the previous rule, here, you will not be getting half of your bet amount, but the chips that you have bet will go into the prison. You can get back the amount, only if you win the next bet. 

These two rules improve the chances of winning significantly. Therefore, professionals prefer to play the French variant of Roulette. 

Comparing the Odds of Winning

The odds of winning a game is also different in different variants of Roulette games. In most cases, the European variant of Roulette offers better chances of winning a game than its American counterpart. Here is a comparison of odds of winning between European and American roulette types. 

  • Single number bet: The odds of winning in European Roulette variant is 2.7%, whereas it is 2.6% in the American Roulette variant. 
  • Red/Black Bet: The odds of winning in the European Roulette variant is 48.6%, whereas, it is 47.4% in the American Roulette variant. 
  • Odds/Evens: The odds of winning in the European Roulette variant is 48.6%, whereas, it is 47.4% in the American Roulette variant. 
  • High/Low: The odds of winning in the European Roulette variant is 48.6%, whereas it is 47.4% in the American Roulette variant. 
  • Dozens/Columns: The odds of winning in the European Roulette variant is 32.4%, whereas, it is 31.6% in the American Roulette variant. 

You might have been surprised by looking at this figure, but the additional zero pockets available in the American Roulette made the real difference. Though initially, you will not be able to figure out any significant difference, once you place your bet hundred or tens of hundred times, the difference will matter. After all, the result of a single bet can potentially transform your life. 

The odds of winning for the French Roulette are exactly the same as the European Roulette, as both the variants use a single zero pocket platform. 

Comparing the House Edge

If you are new into the world of Roulette, players often choose the platform having the lowest house edge value. So, let’s compare the house edge for these three different variants of Roulette. 

  • The house edge is highest in the American roulette games; 5.26%.
  • The house edge for the European roulette games is 2.7%.
  • Thanks to the La Partage rule, the French roulette games have the lowest house edge: 1.35%.

Wrapping it off

As you have already figured out, the French variant of Roulette is clearly the best bet to win a roulette game. However, it is always advisable to go with the best Online Casino Gaming platform for an overall reliable experience. Besides, you should not risk too much money while betting in a roulette game, as the luck factor plays an important role in winning this game. PlayNantaw offers a wonderful gaming platform to the users. Reach us today and get the best experience.