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Games are a means of entertainment as old as humans themselves. Almost everything can be betted on, but there are some things that separate them into distinct classes. The main criteria are what factors contribute the most to a particular outcome. Broadly speaking, it is either the skill or luck.

There are basically two forms of games, the games of skill, and those of chance. Though they can be quite different in nature, sometimes the line between them is not clear at all. We have highlighted some major differences between the games of skill and games of chance.

Games of Skill

Skill games are the events where the result is decided mainly by the skills of the players. The bettor may or may not play skill games himself. There is a wide range of games and sports in this category that includes events like football and cricket, to card games such as poker. Not only does the skill of the player is important in skill-based betting, but the judgment and anticipation of the bettor are also valuable. The involvement of money is not compulsory in games of skill.

Skill games benefit the players without involving money because they improve observation, analytical and strategic thinking. Most countries and states do not label skill-based games as gambling activities and hence these are open for public participation. Though betting on sports events is largely restricted if not done on online platforms.

Most countries have legalized betting on games of skill. This includes horse racing and various card games like Teen Patti and Poker. Skill games have a recreational value even without the involvement of money as opposed to games of chance.

Games of Chance

Games of chance on the other hand are considered to be based on pure luck. Though this is not completely true as many small factors affect the gameplay, that is too hard to account for. Seasoned players may be able to include these factors in their predictions but it still is more random than skill games. Casinos are the best places where you can enjoy playing games of chance. Events like blackjack, slot machines, roulette and others are prime examples of games of chance. These are rarely seen without a casino.

But unfortunately, most countries in Asia have laws restricting the on-ground casinos. Even if they are allowed, there are a lot of technical difficulties in setting up a casino. But there are very few laws about online platforms. Thus you can play online casinos from your home. Besides, there is a lower risk of bugged devices and machines in online mode.

The restrictions on casinos are similar in Asian countries like Myanmar. But online casino gaming in Myanmar is an option gaining popularity. Both the residents of the country and the tourists can take the benefits of the best online casino gaming experience. Some of the best online casino gaming sites in Myanmar are Jackpot City, Mummys Gold, Platinum Play, Lucky Nugget, Spin Casino, River Belle, etc.

The Gray Zone

We have talked about skill-based and chance-based sports. But not always are the differences so clear, especially in terms of laws and rules of the countries. Some countries do not have laws against online casinos, while some others have banned many such apps and sites. Myanmar is one of the countries where there have been no actions against online casinos yet. Some things are still in the Gray zone which still has to be defined by the law.

With the recent boom in the smartphone industry and the coming of 4G internet, to play online casino games is now only a click away. This has not only made it easier to safely take part in games of skill or games of chance but has given birth to many new types of events. The most popular of them being E-sports and Fantasy Sports.

Wrapping up

E-sports betting is new that includes wagering money on virtual games like PUBG, DotA, League of Legends, etc. It is gaining popularity among the younger generation. Fantasy Sports is not a very recent idea but somehow this idea seems to be made for the era of the internet. There are many applications that are gaining popularity nowadays. They prominently promote fantasy sports betting. PlayNantaw is a gaming platform where you can enjoy and learn new skills as it is a skill game. The gaming industry is booming these days, so it is much needed to offer some unique services to stay ahead of the competition. Reach us today to experience the wonderful gaming services at your fingertips.