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You all might have played card games at some point of your life. Be it with your friends for a casual time pass or trying to play online casino. Cards present a great number of skill based games to play. Most of them are easy to learn and hard to master. But nonetheless, they are fun to play.

Card games give you the best online casino gaming experience, where you have the control of things with your skills. But there are many aspects of cards and card games that you might not know. Following are some of the most striking and amazing facts about card games :

  • The first card games originated in China, where the monarchs enjoyed them. This is the story of the 7th Century. Later around the 14th century, cards reached Europe, where they got the support of the printing press.
  • The modern cards as we know them were made in France. The system of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs was given in the 14th century France itself. The joker however is the contribution of America.
  • The Card Calendar : Though this may seem a little odd, the deck of playing cards very well depicts the calendar.
  1. The two colours, red and black, represent the day and the night respectively.
  2. The 4 suits are symbols of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They are also said to represent the 4 elements of nature. Hearts denote Water, Clubs represent Fire, Diamonds mean Earth and Spades is Air.
  3. The 13 cards in each suit refer to the 13 weeks in each season or in each quarter of the year. They also match with the number of lunar cycles in a year, that is also 13.
  4. Total 52 cards are equal to the number of weeks in a year.
  5. The 12 face cards, collectively known as the court, denote the 12 months of the year.
  6. If you add all the values of cards in a deck, taking Jack to be 11, Queen to be 12, and King equal to 13, you get 364. Add 1 for the joker and you have 365 days of the year. Another Joker makes it 366, for a leap year.
  • The four suits of cards are also said to represent the four main pillars of the economy in medieval times, Hearts represent the Church, Spades represent the military, Clubs represent agriculture, and Diamonds represent the merchant class.
  • The Ace is symbolically “Alpha and Omega” or “the Beginning and End” of the suit of cards.
  • The King of Hearts is a special one among other Kings. He is the only king without a mustache and the only king with a sword through his head. He is also known as the “Suicide King”.
  • Shuffle Combinations : There are 52 cards in a standard deck. The total number of ways in which the cards can be rearranged in the deck are 52! or the factorial of 52. This number is so large that it is simply beyond comprehension. The exact number is 80658175170943878571660636856403766975289505440883277824000000000000, and you can only imagine the rest.
  • The cards for professional casinos are made to be cheat resistant. The cards are designed so that they cannot be copied. No player can smuggle a card inside or outside. The cards are regularly replaced, usually within 8-12 hrs. The more hands the cards pass through, the faster they wear out and faster they need to be changed. The discarded cards are either marked or punched with a hole in the center.
  • Playing cards aren’t just paper. They are usually made up of two paper layers stuck using glue. But the glue layer is thick enough to make the cards opaque.
  • The Guinness World Records for the largest collection of playing cards belong to Liu Fuchang of China, with 11,087 different sets of playing cards.
  • Cards have also been used by the military, especially by the USA. During the second world war, the US army sent special cards for its soldiers held captive by the Germans. On adding water to these cards, they unraveled and contained maps and other helpful information to escape. They were also used in the Iran war to circulate faces of wanted criminals.

Conclusion : The history of cards is vast and entertaining. You might know some card games facts yourselves, but a little trivia is always enjoyable. PlayNantaw offers a gaming platform to the users so that they can enjoy this skill game and learn some mind growth tricks.