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If you have ever visited a casino, you must have realized the craze for the slot machine. Most people prefer a slot machine due to the opportunity of winning a large sum in a very short span of time. In offline casinos, people often termed the slot machine as one-armed bandit, which means they often steal your hard-earned money. If you notice, you might be able to figure out that most of the pro gamblers prefer playing card games instead of a slot machine. Here, in this article, you will know four different reasons why card games are better than the slot machine. 

Here is why you should avoid slot machine 

Among the Worst Odds in Casino

Though slot machines offer a decent amount of winning total, the majority of the players completely overlook the odds of winning. If you compare the winning odds for all the casino games, the slot machine will be placed at the bottom pool. Keno is the only other popular casino game having worse winning odds than that of the slot machine. 

You need to understand the concept of the game. However, the slot machine offers a high payout for the winners in order to balance that most people have to lose over time. As a result, professional players tend to avoid this game. 

Your Money Will be Drained Fast

In table games, the progression of the game is a bit slower, as every player has to place a bet that takes a lot of time, but the same is not the case with slot machines. Here, you can play significantly more games per hour. Therefore, you might win fast or lose faster. As the chances of losing are more than that of winning in slot machine games, more often than not, you will lose money very fast. 

However, if you have some fun in between the game, participate in the discussion, or share some drinks, the game’s speed will slow down.   

Card Games VS Slot Machine: Comparing the Odds of Winning

As mentioned earlier, for the slot machine, the odds of winning are considerably low; but, the same is not necessarily the case with card games. However, it is not 100% true that card games have better odds every time. You need to understand that there are many card games available in casinos, and each one has its own share of odds, which may vary from game to game. 

In a game like Baccarat, it is not advisable to bet on the tie, and the chances of winning are 50%. On the other hand, in games like craps and roulette, you will sometimes get a great bet and sometimes not so great bet. But, overall, the odds of winning in the card game is more than that of the slot machine. 

Skill Game VS Luck-Based Game

Many people make the mistake of assuming all casino games as luck-based games, which is not true. If not all, most of the card games require some kind of skill and strategy to win the game on a consistent basis. However, no one would deny the role of the luck factor in those games. However, if you apply a proven strategy, the chances of winning increases considerably. 

On the other hand, the slot machine is a completely luck-based game. There is no real strategy that you can apply to ensure a win in a slot machine game. It is not recommended to play online casinos, especially slot machines, in the hope of winning a large sum. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to leave the game as early as possible to minimize the loss.

Wrapping it off

Now you must have realized the advantage of card games over slot machine games. The lack of application of strategy in the slot game is one of the major reasons why professional players don’t opt for the game. If you are playing just for the sake of entertainment, then playing slot machine games is fine. Besides, if you want to play online casino, it is advisable to go with the best Online Casino Gaming platform like Playnantaw for the best possible result.